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Pennine Solutions Pty Ltd partners itSM Solutions LLC to bring ITIL Blended and Self-Study Training Solutions to the Asia Pacific region

February 27, 2013 —  A trusted source for accredited ITIL training, Pennine Solutions Pty Ltd announced today a partnership with itSM Solutions LLC to bring accredited, ITIL blended and self-study (video based) training solutions to the Asia Pacific region. These flexible,self-paced training solutions will enable individuals and business to meet their ITSM certification goals by using a low cost/high value video based classroom training offering

“Pennine Solutions Pty Ltd, an accredited training provider, has signed a partnership agreement with ITSM solutions for representation in the Asia Pacific region. “Adding video based learning training programs to our education services portfolio increases the options and value we bring to IT service providers and professionals operating across the Asia Pacific region. stated Roger Purdie, Managing Director of Pennine Solutions. In addition to the training, Pennine Solutions has also added the benefit of being able to arrange at home or office official certification exams further stated Purdie”  – See more at:

Why Lemmings Won’t make it to the Top of the Food Chain

One can only imagine famous cartoonists Gahan Wilson or Gary Larson drawing a cartoon depicting a mass of lemmings as far as the eye can see; all of them heading for a cliff, and one lemming saying to another, “Hey, I understand things are better at the bottom of the cliff.”