7 Steps to Selecting Software

Who was the late, great Bi l ly Mays and why did he always seem to be yel l ing at us? You
know, he was the guy who pi tched products l ike Oxiclean on TV; where he extol led the
vi rtues of the product wi th a booming voice that was at least several decibels above pain
… and urged you to act ” right now” … and i f you did he would see to i t personal ly that
your order was doubled (of course there were those shipping and handl ing fees).
What got me thinking about Bi l ly Mays was some recent research I ‘d done on sof tware products that
claim everything f rom “ITIL Compat ibi li ty” to “Ensuring IT Al ignment wi th the Business” … almost
forgot “ITIL in a Box.”

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