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What ITIL Training method is Right for You?

The world of ITIL training & testing has changed quite a bit over the past two years. Today, one can be trained from Foundation thru Expert in an instructor led classroom, virtual classroom, online self-paced video or e-learning classroom or in a blended learning classroom that combines self-paced training with instructor-led review sessions. Exams can be taken onsite with a proctor, online with a web cam proctor or at an accredited testing center. These new multi-venue delivery and testing capabilities provide training coordinators with the ability to maximize the use of their ITSM training dollar while minimizing their travel cost and a student’s time out of the office. This multi-venue approach also provides the ability to accelerate ITSM adoption within an enterprise by enabling training coordinators to offer solutions that can be delivered anytime, anywhere. This newsletter is designed to help training coordinators understand each delivery method in detail so they in turn can use this new found knowledge to assist in the development of multi-venue training plan for individuals or an entire IT organization.

7 Steps to Selecting Software

Who was the late, great Bi l ly Mays and why did he always seem to be yel l ing at us? You
know, he was the guy who pi tched products l ike Oxiclean on TV; where he extol led the
vi rtues of the product wi th a booming voice that was at least several decibels above pain
… and urged you to act ” right now” … and i f you did he would see to i t personal ly that
your order was doubled (of course there were those shipping and handl ing fees).
What got me thinking about Bi l ly Mays was some recent research I ‘d done on sof tware products that
claim everything f rom “ITIL Compat ibi li ty” to “Ensuring IT Al ignment wi th the Business” … almost
forgot “ITIL in a Box.”