TECHFORCE [State Name] will serve as a trusted collaborative to facilitate open dialogue, critical insight, and creative ideas on how to service the high tech and cybersecurity workforce training needs of private industry, government and nonprofits within a state

TECHFORCE will lead the effort to create a skills based curriculum in partnership with academia and private industry that will meet the knowledge, skills, abilities and credentials required by the states employers

Initial focus areas will include Information Technology, Cybersecurity, Program and Project Management, IT Service Management and Business Skills

Follow on programs will include industry specific training programs focused around the key business segments within the state (i.e., for Healthcare, Manufacturing etc.)

In addition to facilitating the connection between private industry and academia, TECHFORCE will also be responsible for hosting workforce development and industry events for the state

Funding sources for this program will include state and federal workforce development grants, corporate sponsorships, membership fees and public donations

This program will be available in Q3/2017

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