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The successful adoption of any new method, standard or best practice in any industry can been directly attributed to many factors, including the vision and drive of its creators to that of clients and service providers willing to share their secrets for success. The ITSM Practitioner Alliance™ is the industry’s first online Resource Center dedicated to IT practitioners looking to update their knowledgebase to create actionable plans when using ITIL® and other best practice frameworks, methods and standards.
Online Resources Include:

  • Service Management Training & Certification
  • Project Management Training & Certification
  • Problem Solving & Decision Support Training & Certification
  • Technology Management Training & Certification
  • Mentoring from the Industry’s Leading Experts
  • Do IT Yourself Guides
  • Case Studies & White Papers
  • Resources – Books etc.

Who Should Become a Member?

IT Practitioners, consultants, project managers and others interested in obtaining the knowledge and skills to operate as an IT professional in the 21st century.

Membership Fees?


How do I Join?

By clicking on the link below.

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